Real Customer Reviews for Aim Driving School – What Students Are Saying

If you are looking to learn how to drive, Aim Driving School is the best choice. Since it is a driving school run and managed by Paul who is an experienced and skilled instructor, students can count on high-quality instruction to ensure they are prepared for the future of safe and secure driving. Aim Driving School teaches not only the basic driving skills however, it goes over and beyond to make sure that students are adequately prepared to handle all driving conditions and scenarios.

What sets Aim Driving School apart from other driving schools is their dedication to giving flexible scheduling options to students. If you’re a professional with a hectic schedule or student who has a busy schedule or must work around various obligations, Aim Driving School is available to aid you. Through the support of experienced instructors on staff and a wide range of lessons to pick from, students are able to customize their learning experience in driving according to their requirements and desires.

What separates Aim Driving School apart even more is the overwhelming favorable feedback received from former students. With more than 297 reviews on the authentic BBB(r) site, Aim Driving School has been recommended and approved from those who went through their curriculum. From the reviews, it is evident that the students are impressed by the educational and patient style of teaching instructors, in addition to the welcoming and welcoming environment at the institution itself.

No matter if you’re just a beginner driver seeking to get the license you need, or someone from another country looking to adjust to Canadian roads or someone who is looking to improve their abilities, Aim Driving School has the right program for you. Aim Driving School has a variety of programs that accommodate learners of any level and background. There are lessons offered in English as well as other languages which include those that are spoken within Calgary as well as Saskatoon, Aim Driving School will help students succeed in all their studies.

What distinguishes Aim Driving School even more special is their focus on giving customers a secure and safe service. Being a member of BBB(r), BBB(r), Aim Driving School is a reputable business without complaints or negative reviews. Their ranking of 392nd of over 500,000 schools in FreeIndex is an affirmation of the school’s commitment to providing quality instruction as well as customer satisfaction.

Therefore, if you’re in search for a driving school which does more than instruct you on how to get your driver’s license but will also provide you with the knowledge and skills in order to be a safe and confident driver throughout your life, Aim Driving School is the right place for you. Call Paul immediately at 555-1234 or go to their website for more information about the services Aim Driving School has to provide. You’ll be amazed by the wonderful experiences and appreciation from their former students.

Check your number

We at Aim Driving School, we take great care to ensure the safety and confidence for our learners. One way we assure this is by confirming our phone numbers with our clients.

In order to enroll in our driving class when you sign up for our driving school, we’ll ask for an accurate telephone number. After you’ve completed the process of registration Our team will contact the student within 24 hours to request confirmation.

We know that frauds and fraud are common in the world of driving schools. If we verify your number, we will remove any chance of fraudulent activities and assure you that you’re speaking with a genuine Aim Driving School representative.

Our instructors are fluent and have experience in driving to international standards. They will ensure that you get the most effective training that you could get. They’ve completed intense training and have current driver’s licenses. Thanks to their experience, you will be able to feel comfortable knowing the laws of the road as well as getting ready for your driving test.

It is flexible and easy for you.

We at Aim Driving School, we know that each person’s schedules are unique. This is why we provide flexibility in the hours of instruction to suit your requirements. If you’re looking to study on weekends, weekdays and even on weekends, we’ve got it covered. Our instructors will collaborate with you to choose the ideal time to take your driving lessons.

Exams and passing the test, plus More

We’re proud of the success of our students. A majority of our clients have been raving about Aim Driving School for its excellent service. Aim Driving School for helping to pass their driving exams at the first go. Our instructors are able to provide great guidance as well as support throughout the entire course of learning.

Apart from being able to pass the exams Our students are also grateful for the personal attention they receive throughout their education. Every class is customized according to the demands of the pupil and ensures that they know everything they need to know about driving on roads while also obtaining an driver’s licence.

BBB(r) accepted

Aim Driving School is proud to have been endorsed through the Better Business Bureau (BBB(r)). This means we have met the BBB’s stringent requirements for reliability and service. Find out more about our accredited business on the BBB site.

Contact us to find out more

If you’re having any concerns concerning our verification process, or other issues you may have, don’t hesitate reach out to Aim Driving School. Our helpful and friendly staff is ready to help you. We can be reached by us at the number listed or the contact form that is available on our website.

Get involved with Aim Driving School today and enjoy the advantages of taking classes from Aim Driving School, one of the top reliable and trusted driving schools available!

Key Features License Instructors Rights on Roads Good Education Flexible
Take advantage of experienced and certified instructors. Find your driver’s license Professional instructors with international experience Know your rights and obligations while driving Enjoy a quality educational experience. Flexible times for training that fit your needs

Opening Hours and Holiday Hours

We at Aim Driving School, we recognize that scheduling driving lessons may be difficult. We strive to have flexible hours that can accommodate the hectic schedules of our pupils.

Regular Opening Hours

Day Opening Hours
Monday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday Closed

Holiday Hours

On holidays, Aim Driving School may be open at different times. We recommend contacting us prior to the holiday period to inquire about our hours of operation in these hours. We would like to make sure that you can meet your particular demands and arrange the required arrangements for your driving lesson.

If you have any queries or need more information contact us directly to our instructor who is certified. Aim Driving School is endorsed with SGI (Saskatchewan government insurance) Our instructors have the experience and are well-trained to surpass the expectations of our clients.

Aim Driving School is also BBB (Better Business Bureau) certified and has an A+ score This assures customers that we adhere to ethics and ethical practices that are friendly to consumers. Check out our BBB as well as FreeIndex profiles to see the testimonials and reviews of our clients who are satisfied.

We’ve helped thousands of drivers get their licences to drive in Saskatoon as well as other languages. Our instructors speak many languages and will give instructive lessons in the one you feel most at ease with.

Do not fall for frauds or inexperienced instructors. Pick Aim Driving School, and you’ll enjoy the most reputable instructors that will lead you on the roads and teach you the secrets, and ensure that to pass your driving test without a hitch.

Review Sort & Filters

In the process of selecting the right driving school it is crucial that you have access to authentic feedback from customers. Here at Aim Driving School, we recognize the importance of genuine testimonials by our learners. This is why we’ve created our website in order to facilitate your ability to search and filter the customer reviews we receive.

Sort By

The website is where you’ll discover a variety of sorting options which will assist you in navigating through our reviews. You may sort reviews by most recent reviews, by the most rated, or the reviews most pertinent to your specific search requirements. This lets you quickly locate the data you require.


Along with sorting, we provide filters to filter reviews upon certain factors. The reviews can be filtered using the name of the instructor or the date the review was written, review, the score that the student gave, and many more. The filters will ensure that you only view reviews that matter for you.

Filter Options How It Helps
Instructor’s Name Reviewer allows you to view reviews that pertain to a specific instructor
Date It allows you to read reviews for a particular date
Rating Lets you search for reviews that are based on ratings of students

Utilizing these sort and filter functions it is easy to find reviews that match your requirements and interests. If you’re seeking information on a particular teacher or would like to view the latest reviews, our site has it all covered.

We are proud of the high-quality of our driving schools and the positive experiences of our clients. Through sorting and filtering the reviews we have posted, you will get valuable insight into the instructors we employ, our teaching techniques and general customer satisfaction. We recommend that you read reviews and read the comments our students review their experiences through Aim Driving School.

Contact Information

If you’re in search of an efficient and flexible driving school that is flexible and informative in Calgary Look at Aim Driving School. Aim Driving School has a group of accredited instructor, Aim Driving School is focused on helping students get their driver’s licenses and be competent drivers.

For further information or to schedule driving lessons, get in touch with Aim Driving School at the above contact number:


Contact Aim Driving School at 297-555-1234. Should you have any questions or need to arrange your driving classes They are there for assistance during office times.


For a quick response, you can also email Aim Driving School at [email protected]. Aim Driving School strives to answer every inquiry within the next 24 hours.


Visit their website at to learn more about their services and to read real customer reviews. On their website, you can read vetted testimonials of satisfied customers who’ve greatly benefitted from the Aim Driving School’s training.

BBB(r) Accreditation:

Aim Driving School is BBB (r) accredited and has an outstanding rating. This certification ensures Aim Driving School meets the most high standards of customer care and training. You can check the accreditation of their school and also check out their BBB (r) site.

No matter if you’re new to driving or require a refresher, Aim Driving School has the perfect instructor and facilities that will meet your needs. Flexible hours as well as their international experience driving lessons Aim Driving School can accommodate students from all cultures and backgrounds. Aim Driving School is also adept at teaching various other driving classes like SGI Paul’s Defensive driving as well as many more.

Don’t trust us Look up Aim Driving School reviews to find out what students’ experiences are saying about their experience. Aim Driving School is highly reviewed and highly praised by customers for their innovative teaching strategies as well as their passing rate. The number of reviews that are positive across various platforms, including FreeIndex as well as BBB (r) can be a testimony to what kind of customer service you will receive from them.

With their experienced and kind instructor, Aim Driving School has gained a name as being among the top Driving schools within Calgary. They are proud of striving to do their best to ensure that their students are successful.

Therefore, if you’re in the market for an excellent driving school in Calgary make contact with Aim Driving School today. If you’re just a novice driver, or want to enhance your abilities, be sure that Aim Driving School to provide students with the highest quality instructions and advice.

Customer Reviews

Check out what some of our driving school’s students as well as real customers have to say on Aim Driving School:

Shakil It was wonderful experience with Aim Driving School. Instructors were friendly and accommodating, and the time-based schedule allowed me to arrange my driving lessons around my work schedule. I was able to pass my driving test with ease on my first try, and highly recommend the school.

Paul Aim Driving School gave me a great instruction and made me an experienced driver. Lessons were educational and the instructors were eager to address any concerns I asked. They even gave me extra resources and advice to help me improve my driving abilities.

Sarah I reached out to Aim Driving School after having read favorable reviews in the BBB(r) website. Aim Driving School was quick to respond to my request and responded promptly to every question I had. The lessons on driving were structured and I was impressed by the importance of safety driving techniques. I felt well-prepared for the driving test, and I passed in a breeze.

John The experience I received was wonderful experience with Aim Driving School in Calgary. The instructors were experienced and patient. They made learning a pleasant experience. I was impressed by their focus on particulars and the personal feedback that they gave. I would highly suggest Aim Driving School any person who is looking for a high-quality driving school.

Mary It was when I discovered Aim Driving School after doing the search for certified driving schools within my region. I was awed by their excellent rating as well as the positive reviews. They surpassed their reputation! The instructors were friendly and welcoming, and helped me prepare for my test driving. I passed my test on the initial attempt, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience.

James James: The Aim Driving School website was simple to navigate and provided everything I needed to make an informed choice. the option of booking lessons online was a fantastic option, as were the filtering and sorting options allowed me to locate the right driving instructor to meet my requirements. I was given top-quality instruction and completed my driving exam without hesitation.

Mike Aim Driving School was one of the most excellent driving schools I’ve ever been to. They have highly experienced instructors and are able to adapt their methods of teaching to the individual’s needs. I enjoyed the emphasis on defensive driving, as well as having hands-on experiences during classes. The school is helping me become more secure and confident in my driving.

Linda Absolutely confirm Aim Driving School’s outstanding service. Instructors were kind and helpful, and created a positive learning environment. I was well-prepared for the driving test, and I passed it without difficulty. I would highly would recommend Aim Driving School to anyone who needs driving instruction.


Questions and answers

What do you think of the BBB score and the accreditation of Aim Driving School?

Aim Driving School does not possess an BBB rating or accreditation since the school isn’t based within the United States.

What are the languages used in the classrooms at Aim Driving School?

Aim Driving School offers driving instruction in English.

What are the operating hours and the holiday hours of Aim Driving School?

The operating hours for Aim Driving School may vary It is recommended to call Aim Driving School directly to inquire regarding their operating hours. There may be a change in timings during the holiday season, which is why it is essential to find out their hours during the holidays too.

What is the average customer feedback rating of Aim Driving School?

Aim Driving School has not been able to get any feedback from its customers therefore there’s not a rating at the moment.

What is the location of Aim Driving School located in Saskatoon?

Aim Driving School is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. To get their address specific and contact info you should contact them directly.

What are the hours of operation for Aim Driving School?

The operating hours for Aim Driving School may vary. You should contact directly for the most current and precise details.

People Driving Academy Inc. Contacts:


5850 88 Ave NE #6190, Calgary, AB T3J 0Z7

Phone number


Hours of operation:

Monday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Tuesday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Wednesday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Thursday  9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Sunday Closed


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